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The Fabulous Adventures of Astera: Writer/Actress for Hire

Meet Astera (aka: me), a star in her own mind. Our plucky little heroine has embarked on not one but two difficult, low-paying career paths: writing and acting. Witness the menial jobs! The unreasonable demands! The quirky friends and family! And the glimmer of success just ahead! Through it all, Astera maintains her core beliefs: 1) She is destined to be fabulous 2) Everything is more fun with a cocktail.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Once Again...It's Bizarro Craigslist!

Wow. Just...wow. Craigslist has made my day once again. I guess they must not have much to do in Turlock. Squirrelman7 forever!


  • At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i almost fell off of my chair. i've sent this guy a message offering free counciling for his mental disorder. lol


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