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The Fabulous Adventures of Astera: Writer/Actress for Hire

Meet Astera (aka: me), a star in her own mind. Our plucky little heroine has embarked on not one but two difficult, low-paying career paths: writing and acting. Witness the menial jobs! The unreasonable demands! The quirky friends and family! And the glimmer of success just ahead! Through it all, Astera maintains her core beliefs: 1) She is destined to be fabulous 2) Everything is more fun with a cocktail.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

So Undisciplined!

Dear readers, I cannot believe how long it's been since I last posted. I have not had the discipline to continue my more frequent postings of previous months. But it's not for lack of adventures. It's more because said adventures have tired me out to the point that I just want to come home and fling myself onto the couch at the end of a long workday. That, and I'm beginning to develop a touch of carpal tunnel syndrome--how unglamorous!

The good news is that I have had two auditions in the past two weeks. Well, both have been more like go-sees, really, but at least I am getting out there. One was for a print advertisement for Proctor & Gamble, which I did not book, and the other was for a regional commericial for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which I am still waiting to hear about. But as my mom keeps telling me, it's all a numbers game, and I shouldn't really expect to book anything until I've gone on a hundred auditions. She's so sweet.

In other news, there has been drama and upheaval at work! When I was hired, one of the big selling points was, oh, what a stable company it was and how in five years, only one person had left. Well, within the past two weeks, one person has been fired and another has quit. There's dissension in the ranks. Unfortunately, the person who quit was one of my allies. One of the longtime employees who remains is an enemy. But I sense that said person may not get away with his shenanigans for much longer.

Now, read on for a review of a faaaahbulous event in the wine country. Plan ahead for next year!


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