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The Fabulous Adventures of Astera: Writer/Actress for Hire

Meet Astera (aka: me), a star in her own mind. Our plucky little heroine has embarked on not one but two difficult, low-paying career paths: writing and acting. Witness the menial jobs! The unreasonable demands! The quirky friends and family! And the glimmer of success just ahead! Through it all, Astera maintains her core beliefs: 1) She is destined to be fabulous 2) Everything is more fun with a cocktail.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Energy Crisis Finally Hits Home

Here is some information from Ad Age:

Sport-utility-vehicle drivers will spend $920 more this year for gas than they did in 2004, according to figures released today from the Alliance to Save Energy, disastrous news for automakers that saw SUV sales plunge 33% in September.

You know what? I don't really feel sorry for those SUV drivers. Let me be clear: I am not against all SUVs. If you have a family of seven, for instance, maybe you really do need a Suburban (although a family of seven is irresponsible in its own way). If you regularly tow or haul or are in the construction industry, maybe you need a big truck or SUV. But those suburban mommies who just like to drive around and do errands by themselves in their fancy Expeditions and Navigators because they think they're cool...well, they deserve the high gas prices.

Of course, the consumers don't bear sole responsibility. Our fearless leader, who doesn't believe in global warming and exempts certain trucks and SUVs from any gas economy standard, and then has the gall to suggest that people just not drive (as if that's a feasible long-term solution), certainly bears some responsibility, as do the car companies who have pushed these monstrosities. Perhaps the demand has finally been quenched.

Again, there are legitimate reasons for owning an SUV. But using one to drive Spencer to play group a few blocks away so he can watch the Wiggles on DVD in the backseat is not one of them. All I have to say is, I love my Prius! And even more than that, I love riding my bike around town--free exercise and zero emissions!


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