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The Fabulous Adventures of Astera: Writer/Actress for Hire

Meet Astera (aka: me), a star in her own mind. Our plucky little heroine has embarked on not one but two difficult, low-paying career paths: writing and acting. Witness the menial jobs! The unreasonable demands! The quirky friends and family! And the glimmer of success just ahead! Through it all, Astera maintains her core beliefs: 1) She is destined to be fabulous 2) Everything is more fun with a cocktail.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Power of Positive Thinking

Today was a nail-biter of a day--I had to go into the staffing office that is handling the background check and all the paperwork for the freelance copywriting gig I was hoping to get. When I arrived, I learned that in addition to taking a reading comprehension test, a logic test, and writing an essay, I would also have to take a math test--without a calculator! I am not a math person at all, but I figured that since I was up for a copywriting job, my math skills wouldn't be of the utmost importance. Still, I took the time to figure out the questions...I was asked about percentages a lot, which has never been my strong suit.

I had 30 minutes to answer 10 math questions, and another 30 minutes to read a passage and answer 10 reading comprehension questions. I finished the reading comprehension section in nine minutes, but I used almost all the alloted time (and a lot of scratch paper) for the math section. Once I finished, the recruiter said, "The computer scores all these tests automatically. Let's see how you did." I told him that I didn't think I did very well on the math test, but then, to my surprise, I found out that I got all of the answers right! (I also got all of the reading comprehension questions right, naturally.) The recruiter then said something that I'm glad I didn't know before I took the test: "Everyone from the CEO to the most entry-level candidate has to take this test," he said. "And if you don't get eight out of 10 of the math questions right, you're out of the running." That would have been an added layer of pressure I didn't need.

But in the end, everything worked out just fine, and I got a call from the HR coordinator this afternoon to officially offer me the job. I start next Friday. Yay! Best of all, I'll have a set 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. schedule, so I will still be able to work with my tutoring students and pursue additional freelance work on the side. And even though this job is only part-time, the hourly rate they are paying me works out to a decent full-time salary! I am so happy, relieved, and thankful--I can't wait to get started!


  • At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Congratulations, Alexa!

    (I've been thinking about you lately. I really need to call you.)

    -Jen from Novato


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