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The Fabulous Adventures of Astera: Writer/Actress for Hire

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Is Feminism Dead?

Normally, I try to keep my personal (liberal) point of view out of this blog, but today I saw something that I could not resist commenting on. I was getting on the freeway, driving home this afternoon, and I was behind an eye-catching red sports car. It was a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder, and since it was about 80 degrees, the top was down. Now, this shiny car was piloted by a young blonde woman. Her passenger was blonde, as well. They looked like they were having a fine time, zipping through traffic.

That was all well and good. What disturbed me about this car was the license plate frame. It was obviously a custom job and it said, "Take my top off/I'm Barbie Jen."


Is that what feminism has accomplished? The movement partly started to free women from stereotypes, to give them more opportunities and to prevent them from being objectified. And this is what we end up with? Young women who believe their sex appeal is the most valuable thing they have to offer? Women who objectify themselves? I just don't get it. Since when is being compared to a plastic doll a compliment? And why invite leering men by suggesting they take your top off? Perhaps it was meant as a clever reference to the fact that the car was a convertible, but it made me cringe.

Hey, I'm all for women celebrating their good looks and using that power. Yes, if you're young, blonde and attractive (or simply young and attractive, or simply attractive) you will have a certain power over men. But is that all a woman wants to be known for? I would think not. Hey, I guess feminism gave women the right to make their own choices. Maybe the license plate frame was just a joke to this woman. But to me, it says that she's choosing to be objectified, that she believes her greatest asset is her looks. And in 2005, when women have so many opportunities to be so many things, I think that's a little sad.

So Barbie Jen, why not put your top back on, sit up straight, and challenge your mind a little? You might be surprised at how much more powerful a pretty face can be when it's backed up with intelligence and a good personality. Otherwise, all you're left with is...plastic.


  • At 9:23 PM, Blogger Bruingirl said…

    See what liberal thinking does?!?!?!? hahaha I just had to throw that jab in, didn't I?? :)

    She sounds charming. She sounds like a person who can engage in intelligent conversations....about what SHADE OF LIPSTICK SHE SHOULD WEAR! Hey, girls like that deserve to be objectified and when she gains 40 pounds in the next 20yrs, we'll see how she holds her own.


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